Prescription Painkillers Trafficking in Spotlight by Feds

The Department of Justice and DEA have increased their focus on heroin and opioid prescription painkillers trafficking with the new “360 Strategy.”

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Prescription painkiller and heroin abuse is a serious issue. The epidemic has even made its way to places like Missouri. 


In February, the Missouri House committee approved a bill that would start a prescription drug monitoring program here in the state.


This is important because as this article shows, most people who use heroin got their start using prescription painkillers. Drugs like oxycodone and vicodin used to be easily available, but with an organized crackdown on loose prescribers – it’s getting harder to acquire these opioids over the counter. 


With an average of 51 deaths a day due to overdose, according to the Springfield News-Leader, prescription painkiller abuse is starting to get the attention of the of lawmakers.