Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes
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This article is about Sex Crimes. See also Sex Offender Registry Missouri.


Sex crimes is an umbrella term that refers to criminal offenses of a sexual nature. In Missouri, seventeen is the age of consent and adults who engage in sexual activity with children under the age of consent can be charged with statutory rape, statutory sodomy, or child molestation.

Common Allegations

Possession and distribution of child pornography, sexual abuse, rape, Internet crimes, child molestation, sexual battery, lewd conduct,  possession and distribution of obscene material, prostitution, solicitation of prostitution,  solicitation of a minor, pimping, pandering, indecent exposure, lewd act with a child, and penetration of the genital or anal region by a foreign Object.

Missouri Code Sections

Read the full text of the Missouri Revised Statutes on sexual offenses.1

Applicable Courts in Missouri

Major Sex Crime Cases


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